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LORESUM is a watchmaking company reaching for a new standard of aesthetics and mechanics.


Our name is derived from “lorem ipsum”, a common word used in graphic design. The term functions as a placeholder text in documents, webpages, typefaces, etc. before publication. It starts with every stand-in paragraph. The word itself has no particular meaning; yet it visually appears to be a word with meaning. This is the beauty and appeal of “lorem ipsum” to the world of design. Its ability to accurately showcase the aesthetic value of work without detracting from the form is something every designer must learn how to master. “Lorem ipsum” is the finishing touch of a good design and LORESUM aims to achieve that same standard of aesthetic completeness. We are a company oriented around design, striving to make completely original works of art for each and every watch lover.

Jason Chan

Jason Chan, the head designer and founder of LORESUM is particularly experienced in all aspects of watch design. He specializes in the watchmaking process along with the development and design of unique time-telling systems.


In December 2017, Chan’s very first brand JW Watch made its debut. Through his efforts the company grew, firmly establishing its place in the watchmaking industry. His iconic models JW-01 and JW-02 are still out of stock to this day. Following this endeavour, he joined the Behrens Original team as a designer for several of their watches. Learning from a mature development team, Jason further expanded his knowledge of watch mechanics and in particular his experience working with high-quality modules.


You can find more about Jason's watch designs here:

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