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Design Concept: the Harry Beck Sensation

If you are a graphic designer then you’ve heard of Harry Beck. In 1933, he created the revolutionary 8-directional railway map of the transport lines in London. At a glance, it was no more than a simple 2D drawing made of straight lines, sharp angles, and tiny spheres. There were virtually no geographic elements. Most of the stations were spaced equally apart despite this being far from representative of the varying distances over London’s landscape. What it did display clearly though was each railway line and where they intersected, layering one upon the other in an easy to read manner.

Beck’s superiors were not impressed. This was not standard protocol for the engineering minds behind the original maps. His idea was too phenomenal. Beck persisted, however, and samples hit the streets. Its popularity grew exponentially and within the month, a large copy was requested and printed.

Check out more about Harry Beck and his concept.

Nowadays, this template is so widely recognized, distributed and reworked that it has become the norm. Close to every railway map of our modern world is produced in some variation of Beck’s original. He created a legend and we are experiencing the life-changing effects of his design here and now.

Inspired by Beck’s story, Chan decided to embark on a journey to create an equally radical masterpiece of his own. A mechanism that would change the very essence of telling time.

This is a watch like no other. The design combines the 2D view of a map with the 3D elements of a cross-section. Paired with an entirely new time telling system, it has no parallel. The moment the watch is wound, this sensation is brought to life. The gears grind, discs turn, and the railway system operates full steam ahead. Close and intimate is the best way to admire the spectacle and wonder of this piece.

When Harry Beck created his map, he was working from an electrical schematic. With the smarts of an engineer and the creativity of a designing mind, the product was both aesthetically pleasing and useful. LORESUM’s first watch, the LS01 is based on the same concept. Combining the modern (3D) with the classic (2D) along with the artistry of a graphic designer, we developed the masterpiece Chan envisioned.

LS01 is the product of this journey. Deeply inspired by Beck’s legacy, Chan reinterpreted his map into the form of a tasteful timepiece. Eight directional lines and circles ripple out from the centre of the LS01. Weaving, layering, and intersecting in a topological fashion, they are the tracks on a railway map. These, in turn, span several vertical levels as the tunnels do underground. A ‘station’ in the form of two rotating discs sits on top. Chan finishes this rendition of mechanical beauty with the exposing of the inner gears.

Unique: Made from Scratch

Unique and original. Those are the two qualities LORESUM wanted to achieve. Every part of Chan’s watches is made from scratch. They are custom made and specifically manufactured for his designs. There are no premade parts used at any point in the watchmaking process. For this reason, the development time takes more than 3 times that of a normal watch. The number of testing models, CNC testing parts as well as molding fees used are countless and costly. We left no room for compromise, spending days and nights on end to make this watch come true. Our only goal was to create something perfectly original.

Unique: Made from Scratch

Every part of Chan’s watches is made from scratch. They are custom made and specifically manufactured for his designs. There are no premade parts used at any point in the watchmaking process.

The Movement: Slim and Powerful

Miyota 9015 is slim but high performing. Despite it being only 3.9mm in thickness and 26mm in diameter, it contains 24 jewels and boasts a frequency of 4Hz (28, 800 A/h). It also has a 42 hour power reserve, automatic winding, and sweep second movement. Not to be deterred by its many functions, the Miyota 9015 is stable and reliable. It’s a first-rate movement limited to elite watches that LORESUM is willing to pay for.

The Module: a new Time Telling Experience

Our watch uses a distinct in-house module made of 26 unique parts. It sits on top of the movement and each piece was developed by the same team behind Behrens Original’s watches. They are a group of talented individuals well versed in making innovative yet reliable mechanisms.

The Module: a new Time Telling Experience

Our goal was to invent a time-telling experience exclusive to our watches. So we started from the basics and separated the hour and minute hands from the centre axis. Replacing the hands with sapphire crystal discs, we placed the hour indicator on the left and the minute on the right.

The Module: a new Time Telling Experience

The exact minute and hour is indicated by a dotted marker on the perimeter of both discs. At night, the space beneath this area glows to illuminate the time. The nook is filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 to ensure maximum visibility even in the dark.

Sapphire Crystal: High Scratch Resistance

To preserve and prolong the life of our watches, we chose to use sapphire crystals to protect both the front and back of the LS01. This crystal is known for its scratch resistant properties. On the Mohs scale, it reaches a score of 9 in hardness, making it more than ideal for our purposes. To optimize the durability of our watch, the minute and hour discs are made of sapphire as well.

The Case: Multi-polishing

Nothing introduces an excellent watch better than its case. One look over can tell a watch expert a lot about its quality. The LS01 comes in a 316L stainless steel case, a material commonly used in high-end watches. Our rose gold models are plated using a 4-8㎛ ion plating (IP) process for a more durable yet affordable coating.

The Case: Multi-polishing

We finish our watch cases using multi-polishing techniques to give you the best results we can. The bezel and 45-degree diamond edge on the LS01 are applied with mirror finishing while the rest of the watch is finished with vertical and circular brushes. These two techniques combined bring out the layers in our timepiece. Although the process is costly and time-consuming, the results are worth it.

The Strap: Top-Notch Luxury Leather and Interchanging Pin

Perfection demands the best and LORESUM won’t settle for less. To match the excellence of our watches, we offer 2 options for comfortable wear. The standard strap we provide is made from Italian calf leather. This is a high-grade leather that is both soft and durable, making it a perfect match for our timepiece. Each strap is exquisitely crafted and pleasing to the touch.

Day 1

  • The movement is wound to its full capacity

  • 5 positions are tested: crown left, crown up, crown down, dial up, dial down

  • After a 24 hour rest period, the movement is retested in the same positions

Day 3

  • The watch is assembled and put into an auto-winding machine

  • In its fully wound state, the watch is tested like the movement was in its 5 positions

  • The watch is set aside for a 24 hour rest period

Day 5

  • Day 3 procedures are repeated

Day 7

  • The watch is wound and tested one last time before packaging

This procedure is not an industry standard. Where other companies stopped at 3 position testing, LORESUM raised the bar up 2 notches. We keep our watch accuracy within the range of -20 to +20 seconds/day. To maintain this standard, the extra testing time is necessary. The LS01 design samples endured an additional 9 month period of on-wrist testing prior to this launch.

All of our efforts were made to guarantee that an original and perfect watch makes it to your door. One that is durable, stable, reliable, and accurate. This is what LORESUM watches are.

Accuracy: Staying On Time

LORESUM specializes in watch modification and movement tuning. Many things can be lost in such processes and accuracy is one of them. To prevent such losses, the parts are put through rigorous testing before each stage of assembly. The whole procedure takes a full week per watch.

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