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Golden ratio: the equation for perfection

What is the golden ratio? The first known definition, written by the Greek mathematician Euclid (325-265 BCE), defined it as “the division of a line in extreme and mean ratio” (Olsen 298). Euclid wasn’t, however, the first to study this. Plato (427-347 BCE), the philosopher, hints at a similar concept in The Republic where he incites the reader to “take a line and divide it unevenly” such that the “shorter to the longer equals the longer to the whole” (Olsen 298, 302). Mathematically, phi (φ the Greek letter for the golden ratio) is the irrational number 1.6180339…When repeated in a pattern, this ratio perfectly reproduces itself as a continuous geometric proportion (Olsen 300). This is seen in Fibonacci’s golden spiral which uses phi as its base to create an infinite growth of the exact same shape (Olsen p306).

Plato was fascinated by this. He believed that the harmony of the world was held together by the bonds of continuous geometric proportions (Olsen 300). As its prime subject, the golden ratio was gradually discovered to occur in many if not all aspects of nature and even the human body. Artists and architects used the same concept to create pieces emulating the aesthetic perfection in our world and LORESUM strives to do no less.

Regulator: innovative dial design and time indication

The LS02 comes with a module like no other. For this particular design, Chan developed a whole new regulator module to go on top of the movement. Regulator clocks, the predecessor of regulator watches, were known for having incredible accuracy because of their completely separate time registers. The lack of overlap of the hands along with the dominating minute dial allowed for easy and precise reading. And due to their complex make, they were highly regarded for their reliability in the mid-18th century (Naas). As technology progressed, however, these clocks were replaced by watches with the same amount of accuracy. Some movements like the Miyota 8217 even offer a standardised, ready-made regulator option. Many brands opt for these premade parts but since they’re tied to the movement itself, redesigning the look and function of both are very limited.

Regulators are complicated and difficult to make. The market is dominated by top watch brands and only a handful excel at it. The LS02 contains an original regulator module based on the Miyota 9015 with modifications made according to the golden ratio. We placed the hour dial at the top, seconds in the middle and minutes on the bottom in a perfect, vertical alignment. They are filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 to ensure maximum visibility even in the dark. A rotating gear on the left serves as a day and night indicator and the dial on the opposite side shows the date.

Our modules are made by the same factory behind Behrens Original. They specialise in movement modification and module design and making, guaranteeing the best stabilisation and polishing.

Layering: the mechanism and its gears

Turning, winding, grinding, ticking. Moving gears are one of the most fascinating aspects of a watch to observe, especially for watch lovers. Chan strives to provide the best experience of this and insists on exposing as many of these working wonders as possible in his designs. This is no easy feat. The slightest deformation could affect the accuracy and a special alloy must be used to keep the gears stable. Thus, the placement of each and every structural plate must be clearly thought out before putting the module together.

As a designer chasing after the best both aesthetically and mechanically, Chan pushes the boundaries of design. Despite the challenges, the LS02 features an astounding 7 layers of exposed gears. These layers provide a depth both mesmerising and dynamic. Each piece is platinum plated to provide the greatest protection possible against oxidation. This process is labour intensive but the product is well worth the work.

The Movement: Slim and Powerful

The heart of a watch lies in its movement. And, in turn, the quality of the heart dictates the same of the timepiece.

LORESUM wants to give only the best. We are backed by a factory with more than 10 years of experience in watchmaking. They’ve produced a variety of both Swiss and Japanese movements throughout their history. For the LS02, we chose to use the Miyota 9015.

This Japanese movement is slim but high performing. Despite it being only 3.9mm in thickness and 26mm in diameter, it contains 24 jewels and boasts a frequency of 4Hz (28, 800 A/h). It also has a 42 hour power reserve, automatic winding, and sweep second movement. Not to be deterred by its many functions, the Miyota 9015 is stable and reliable. It’s a first-rate movement limited to elite watches that LORESUM is willing to pay for.

Accuracy: Staying On Time

LORESUM specializes in watch modification and movement tuning. Many things can be lost in such processes and accuracy is one of them. To prevent such losses, the parts are put through rigorous testing before each stage of assembly. The whole procedure takes a full week per watch.


Day 1

  • The movement is wound to its full capacity

  • 5 positions are tested: crown left, crown up, crown down, dial up, dial down

  • After a 24-hour rest period, the movement is retested in the same positions

Day 3

  • The watch is assembled and put into an auto-winding machine

  • In its fully wound state, the watch is tested like the movement was in its 5 positions

  • The watch is set aside for a 24-hour rest period

Day 5

  • Day 3 procedures are repeated

Day 7

  • The watch is wound and tested one last time before packaging

This procedure is not an industry standard. Where other companies stopped at 3 position testing, LORESUM raised the bar up 2 notches. We keep our watch accuracy within the range of -20 to +20 seconds/day. To maintain this standard, the extra testing time is necessary. The LS02 design samples endured an additional 9-month period of on-wrist testing prior to this launch.

All of our efforts were made to guarantee that an original and perfect watch makes it to your door. One that is durable, stable, reliable, and accurate. This is what LORESUM watches are.

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