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Pre-order LS04:

  • Expected to be shipped in Sep 2024

  • Free Shipping worldwide (VAT excluded)

  • Ship from the UK/HONG KONG


29.5-day Moonphase Module

Meticulously crafted with a blend of precision and passion, our timepiece proudly features a 29.5-day true moonphase complication, driven by a 59-tooth gear module that ensures an accurate representation of the moon's phases. The aventurine disc features two moons(one is always hidden), gracefully traversing the window to indicate the waxing and waning stages. Moon phase mechanisms are typically associated with high-end watches, dominated by major brands. However, we have successfully made this technology affordable, allowing everyone to indulge in the captivating experience of a prominent moon phase display.

The rarity of a sizable moonphase in watches stems from the additional power required to move a larger disc. Undeterred by the challenge, we collaborated with the esteemed Behrens factory to bring this vision to life. The bespoke module guarantees unmatched craftsmanship and precision, elevating this timepiece into the realm of a true masterpiece.

The Moon

The central focus of the watch is the moon, and we aimed for excellence in its representation. After experimenting with various methods, we settled on a distinctive approach – a mother of pearl circle cut-out featuring a 3D-printed moon texture. This design vividly captures the intricate details of the actual moon, creating the illusion of a celestial body adorning your wrist. To enhance its prominence, the moon is delicately embraced by a CNC mirror-polished frame. Positioned on a single rotating aventurine disc, the moon is surrounded by luminescent stars that glow in the dark, thanks to the application of Swiss Super-LumiNova®. This uncompromising craftsmanship achieves a luminous night sky effect, making the watch a captivating celestial companion.

The Skeleton Hands

The skeletonized hands were custom-designed to avoid obstructing the aventurine dial or mother-of-pearl moon. When these hands overlap, they form a unique triangle with dual luminescent areas, creating a distinctive spear-like shape. To maintain a balanced shine and not overshadow the brilliance of the aventurine dial or moon, we applied a linear brushed finish and coated the hands with a gunmetal plating. Additionally, these hands are luminescent with Swiss Super-LumiNova® to aid legibility in low-light conditions.

Aventurine: The charming secret

When you shift your focus to the rest of the watch face, you'll find yourself entranced by the cosmic canvas crafted from Aventurine – a skilfully produced glass renowned for its sparkling, star-like metallic inclusions. As light plays upon its surface, the dial emanates distinctive shades of deep blue, reminiscent of the night sky. With passing days, the moon glides across the dial’s starry surface in perfect synchronicity. This wearable masterpiece is sure to capture the observer with its innate beauty and timeless allure. For those preferring a lighter backdrop, if unlocked, the Mother of Pearl model combines the ethereal glow of Mother of Pearl without foregoing the allure of an Aventurine ring.

*The BLACK version comes with black aventurine

The Slim Case

We opted for a 39.5mm case size as it suits the majority of individuals perfectly. With a total thickness of only 11mm, inclusive of the dome-shaped sapphire crystal, it appears even sleeker when worn due to the 2mm sapphire crystal and the curvature of the case back. To elevate the quality of our cases, we've embraced a multi-polishing finish. Despite being a labor-intensive and costly process, LORESUM is committed to upholding a standard of continuity and excellence in our timepieces.
The LS04's bezel and diamond-cut edges boast a mirror finish, emanating a striking and sophisticated look. The remaining sections of the case showcase a blend of vertical and circular brushing techniques, creating a subtly compelling interplay of textures that imparts depth to the design. This distinctive approach delivers a luxurious aesthetic, distinguishing our watches from other timepieces in the market.

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The Movement

The Miyota 9015 movement is highly-regarded for its impressive range of features. Its slim and compact design allows us to fit our in-house moonphase module without sacrificing case thinness. Operating at a frequency of 4Hz, it delivers high precision and ensures accurate timekeeping. With 24 jewels strategically placed, it minimizes friction and enhances the movement's durability. The automatic winding feature enables hassle-free operation, eliminating the need for manual winding (though it can be hand-wound as well). A sweeping second hand adds a touch of refinement with its smooth and fluid motion. With a 42-hour power reserve, the Miyota 9015 eliminates the need for frequent winding. In short, it’s designed to withstand the rigours of daily wear. This reliability and feature set make this movement a preferred choice for watch enthusiasts and renowned brands seeking exceptional timekeeping performance.

*We also offer Swiss movement Sellita SW200-1 as an upgrade option. It features a luxurious decoration and a 29.5-day clockwise moon phase complication.

Accuracy: Staying On Time

LORESUM specializes in watch modification and movement tuning. Many things can be lost in such processes and accuracy is one of them. To prevent such losses, the parts are put through rigorous testing before each stage of assembly. The whole procedure takes a full week per watch.


Day 1

  • The movement is wound to its full capacity

  • 5 positions are tested: crown left, crown up, crown down, dial up, dial down

  • After a 24-hour rest period, the movement is retested in the same positions

Day 3

  • The watch is assembled and put into an auto-winding machine

  • In its fully wound state, the watch is tested like the movement was in its 5 positions

  • The watch is set aside for a 24-hour rest period

Day 5

  • Day 3 procedures are repeated

Day 7

  • The watch is wound and tested one last time before packaging

This procedure is not an industry standard. Where other companies stopped at 3 position testing, LORESUM raised the bar up 2 notches. We keep our watch accuracy within the range of -20 to +20 seconds/day. To maintain this standard, the extra testing time is necessary. The LS04 design samples endured an additional 9-month period of on-wrist testing prior to this launch.

All of our efforts were made to guarantee that an original and perfect watch makes it to your door. One that is durable, stable, reliable, and accurate. This is what LORESUM watches are.

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