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In-house big Jumping Hour watch


In-house Big Jumping Hour

Our jumping hour module is a unique feature that allows the hour hand to jump instantly at the beginning of each hour, providing you with an accurate and convenient time-telling experience. The module has been engineered to ensure seamless and reliable performance, so you can be confident that your watch will always display the time in a minimal way.

Unlike other brands that offer cheaper options using Seagull movement with a smaller hour disc the size of a subdial, we have developed our own larger jumping hour module in-house to sit atop the reliable Sellita SW200-1 movement, providing our customers with a way larger hour window that they can truly appreciate.

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Sellita SW200-1

The Sellita SW200-1 movement is the heart of our watch, renowned for its exceptional quality and precision. With a power reserve of up to 36 hours, this movement provides reliable and accurate timekeeping that you can depend on. The movement has also been designed to be easily serviceable, ensuring that your watch will continue to perform flawlessly for years to come.

In addition to its technical features, J1 boasts a sleek and minimal design that will appeal to the most discerning of watch enthusiasts. The stainless steel 316L case is durable and elegant, while the sapphire crystal glass with AR coating provides superior scratch resistance and clarity. The Italian leather strap is supple and comfortable, making it a pleasure to wear every day.

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Accuracy: Staying On Time

LORESUM specializes in watch modification and movement tuning. Many things can be lost in such processes and accuracy is one of them. To prevent such losses, the parts are put through rigorous testing before each stage of assembly. The whole procedure takes a full week per watch.


Day 1

  • The movement is wound to its full capacity

  • 5 positions are tested: crown left, crown up, crown down, dial up, dial down

  • After a 24 hour rest period, the movement is retested in the same positions

Day 3

  • The watch is assembled and put into an auto-winding machine

  • In its fully wound state, the watch is tested like the movement was in its 5 positions

  • The watch is set aside for a 24 hour rest period

Day 5

  • Day 3 procedures are repeated

Day 7

  • The watch is wound and tested one last time before packaging

This procedure is not an industry standard. Where other companies stopped at 3 position testing, LORESUM raised the bar up 2 notches. We keep our watch accuracy within the range of -15 to +15 seconds/day. To maintain this standard, the extra testing time is necessary. The design samples endured an additional 9-month period of on-wrist testing prior to this launch.

All of our efforts were made to guarantee that an original and perfect watch makes it to your door. One that is durable, stable, reliable, and accurate. This is what LORESUM watches are.

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