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Moon indicator: The moon and the stars vary daily

To showcase the resplendence of the moon in all its glory, we have developed an exclusive in-house moon indicator module specifically for this project. This innovative module allows the moon and the stars to smoothly rotate across the dial. As it passes by the minute and hour discs, it hides underneath the hour and minute modules, presenting the captivating beauty of the moon phase. The moon indicator display system is based on a 31-tooth driving wheel, it makes a full rotation over the span of 31 days. The moon gives you an idea if there is an observable moon in the sky. To enhance its visual appeal, the moon indicator is filled with lume, emitting a fascinating Blue-Green glow in dark conditions, while appearing white in daylight, thanks to the implementation of Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9.

Regulator: innovative dial design and time indication

The LS03 showcases an original regulator module, meticulously developed based on the Miyota 9015 movement, with tailored modifications to seamlessly integrate with the moon indicator. The hour disc on the left, the second disc in the centre, and the minute disc on the right, have a perfect horizontal alignment. At specific angles, the mesmerizing rotating gears become visible, showcasing the full splendour of our in-house module. Our primary goal is to achieve the ideal equilibrium between the minute, hour and second discs, ensuring a harmonious display of time. Additionally, we have dedicated significant attention to creating an expansive and prominent moon indicator, allowing it to captivate attention with its striking presence. Through this deliberate design, we have strived to bring forth a timepiece that embodies our vision of perfection.

Why is Regulator so rare?

Regulator clocks, the predecessors of regulator watches, were renowned for their remarkable accuracy, attributed to their independent time registers. The absence of hand overlap, coupled with a prominent minute dial, facilitated effortless and precise time reading. These intricate timekeeping devices gained immense acclaim for their reliability during the mid-18th century (Naas). As technology advanced, watches emerged, offering equivalent accuracy. Some movements, such as the Miyota 8217, even provide a standardized regulator option as a ready-made solution. While many brands opt for these pre-assembled components, their design and functionality are significantly limited due to their integration with the movement itself.

Crafting regulators is an intricate and arduous process, predominantly dominated by leading watch brands, with only a select few excelling in this domain. With our expertise, we have tailored this module to suit our precise requirements. Our modules are meticulously crafted by the same factory renowned for their expertise behind the Behrens Original. Specializing in movement modification and module design and fabrication, they ensure the utmost stability and precision in every aspect, guaranteeing the finest level of craftsmanship and finishing.

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Aventurine: The charming secret

Embrace the allure of an aventurine watch, where elegance meets celestial charm. As part of our offerings, we provide you with the option to choose an aventurine dial, a mineral known for its shimmering, star-like inclusions. As light dances upon its surface, the dial gleams with captivating hues of deep blue, evoking a sense of wonder and intrigue. As time unfolds, a delicate moon indicator gracefully moves across the dial, unveiling the moon's beauty in perfect harmony with the celestial backdrop. With each passing moment, this enchanting watch becomes a wearable work of art, captivating the eye with its natural beauty and timeless appeal.

* Please note that on the aventurine dial, the moon may be slightly smaller compared to other options due to the delicate nature of aventurine. For durability reasons, we are unable to position the moon as close to the edge as with other dials.

The Movement: Slim and Powerful

The Miyota 9015 movement is renowned for its impressive range of features. Its slim and compact design allows us to fit in our in-house module. Operating at a frequency of 4Hz, it delivers high precision and ensures accurate timekeeping. With 24 jewels strategically placed, it minimizes friction and enhances the movement's durability. The automatic winding feature enables hassle-free operation, eliminating the need for manual winding. A sweeping second hand adds a touch of refinement with its smooth and fluid motion. Boasting a 42-hour power reserve, the Miyota 9015 ensures reliable and extended usage without frequent winding. Its reliable and stable performance makes it a steadfast companion, designed to withstand the rigours of daily wear. The Miyota 9015 movement encompasses these remarkable features, making it a preferred choice for watch enthusiasts and renowned brands seeking exceptional timekeeping performance.

Accuracy: Staying On Time

LORESUM specializes in watch modification and movement tuning. Many things can be lost in such processes and accuracy is one of them. To prevent such losses, the parts are put through rigorous testing before each stage of assembly. The whole procedure takes a full week per watch.


Day 1

  • The movement is wound to its full capacity

  • 5 positions are tested: crown left, crown up, crown down, dial up, dial down

  • After a 24-hour rest period, the movement is retested in the same positions

Day 3

  • The watch is assembled and put into an auto-winding machine

  • In its fully wound state, the watch is tested like the movement was in its 5 positions

  • The watch is set aside for a 24-hour rest period

Day 5

  • Day 3 procedures are repeated

Day 7

  • The watch is wound and tested one last time before packaging

This procedure is not an industry standard. Where other companies stopped at 3 position testing, LORESUM raised the bar up 2 notches. We keep our watch accuracy within the range of -20 to +20 seconds/day. To maintain this standard, the extra testing time is necessary. The LS03 design samples endured an additional 9-month period of on-wrist testing prior to this launch.

All of our efforts were made to guarantee that an original and perfect watch makes it to your door. One that is durable, stable, reliable, and accurate. This is what LORESUM watches are.

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