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To set the hour and minute hands, pull the crown out to the second notch (position 3). The second hand is now stopped. Set the hour, minute by turning the crown in either direction. Push in the crown, the time is set and the second hand is now moving.


Pull the crown out to the first notch (position 2). To set the date indicator, turn the crown clockwise until the current date is displayed. Push in the crown and the date indicator is set.


*Second hand keeps moving while setting the date.


*Avoid setting the date manually between the hours of 10p.m. and 2a.m..

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With our in-house movement factory and service center, we ensure our watches meet the highest quality standards and are built to last. However, if any manufacturing related faults occur, all watches enjoy a two (2) year international warranty(a). Just send us the watch and we will get it sorted.


  • Avoid wearing the watch when playing sports that could have a “violent” vibration on the movement (such as golf, tennis etc). 

  • The power of the mechanical watch is driven by the mainspring barrel.  This self-winding mechanical watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanism, so it is highly recommended to wear it or manually wind it regularly.  

  • The energy will be stored to make the watch function well. If the watch is not worn or wound for a certain period of time, the time accuracy of the movement will be affected, the watch will stop working when the energy is fully utilized.  In order to maintain the accuracy of the time measurement, it is highly recommended that customers should wear it or wind it regularly, or place the watch inside the self-winding winder to wind it. After being worn for a whole day, the self-winding movement will stop for around 40 hours. (For more information, please refer to the “Winding Up Your Watch”).  Make sure that the crown has been pushed back completely in the case before any contact with water.  

  • Do not pull the crown when the watch is immersed in water.  

  • Keep the watch away from all sources of heat and electro-magnetic fields of all kinds.  

  • Keep the watch away from high heat or environments with corrosive gases.  

  • Human sweat and perfume are among the most common types of corrosive catalysts and should be removed using a soft fabric cloth (e.g. silk) immediately.

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